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So you want to know about the Company…

At Subarashii we create "Splendid Art for a Joyful Life.”  Because Subarashii means “Splendid” in Japanese, we thought it would be the perfect name for Subarashii’s light, bright, colorful characters!  Subarashii was founded in 2012 by Monica Bruenjes as a Creator-Owned company.  Her unique style is what makes our splendid world great!


Monica grew up in California, lived in Japan for a year as an exchange student, but now lives in Wisconsin to be near family, bears, deer, and the occasional porcupine.  She loves to travel and especially likes warm places.  Kinda weird… seeing as she lives in Wisconsin where it gets really cold in the winter, that must be why she’s always by a fire, under a blanket, or cuddling a cat.  Don’t tell her I told you, but cute things are her ultimate weakness!

If you want to know what else Monica is up to, check out her website:

-See you later!





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